5 Crucial Lessons from 25 Years of KERACARE®


This year we celebrate 25 years of KeraCare, and I can honestly say I don’t know where the time has flown. We are extremely proud to be still producing quality products for you to enjoy. Here are 5 things I have learned over the last 25 years.


1.    Having a clear vision is important.

When I was starting out as a chemist, my main aim was to formulate high quality products based on innovation and technology that would promote healthy hair and a healthy scalp. After formulating and introducing Affirm to the industry, we thought it would be useful to come up with a separate brand, which would help to maintain hair integrity and keep the hair and scalp healthy in between chemical treatments. That’s how KeraCare was created.

2.    You have to become your biggest cheerleader.

When we were starting out the company, things moved very quickly as the company was smaller so there was less bureaucracy. It only took us around a year to create KeraCare, nowadays it would take much longer.  We were confident from the start that KeraCare would become a winning brand. During the process of producing KeraCare we researched thoroughly, and we set up lots of equipment to analyse the hair to ensure that the products were effective and of a high standard.


3.    You have to move with the times.

Hairstyles are like the fashion industry – things are constantly changing.  The industry is cyclical and things are always moving so you have to keep up with whatever the new style is or needs are. I recently conducted a lecture on black hair trends over the past 100 years, going back to the days of CJ Walker and hot combing with petroleum, to fast forwarding to relaxers in the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, to the present day trend for more natural hairstyles, and the increase of people who don’t want to use chemicals in their hair. So we have to keep abreast of the trends in order to fulfil the needs of customers.




4.    Hairstylists are the ones in charge

The support of hairstylists has always been important – they are my boss! I try my best to offer them not only the best possible products, but also education about the products. I still love to come out and talk to stylists and present them with key information about our hair and scalp products.

5.    You can never become complacent

Despite our success, at KeraCare we’re still pushing the boundaries every day and will never rest on our laurels. Our Natural Textures range is doing very well owed partly to the increasing popularity in natural hairstyles. We are currently researching new ingredients from the African continent and the Indian subcontinent, where we tend to find the best natural ingredients, and we’re analysing them extensively before including them in our products. There will be a lot of new things coming from KeraCare related to health and well-being as that’s where the trend seems to be heading. We’re already looking forward to the next 25 years.