New from Avlon - Texture Release and MoisturRight

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One of the most exciting things about being a chemist is launching new products onto the market which I know will be transformative for the client. With this in mind it gives me great pleasure to unveil two new products from the Avlon family entitled Texture Release and MoisturRight. These two exciting and innovative launches continue in the same vein as Avlon’s products in providing effective, quality products designed to create and maintain stylish looks.

 MoisturRight and StyleRight


Firstly, I will discuss the new range from Affirm. MoisturRight and StyleRight are a range of luxurious products that are designed to maintain the hair by nourishing each strand with moisturising conditioners that penetrate deep into the hair and scalp. The range includes a shampoo, conditioner, masque, leave-in detangler among other styling products. My reason for creating these products is that  consumer demands have changed quite a bit over the last five to 10 years, in today’s day and age people are more health conscious and want to use more natural ingredients. So we’ve done a lot of research and introduced natural materials from all around the world in the products, particularly ingredients from Amazonian Brazilian rainforests and the Indian sub-continent which has a rich history of using natural ingredients. We've also sourced from the continent of Africa. So this new range will provide a healthier solution for the hair and scalp.

MoistuRight and StyleRight  are excellent for both chemically treated and non-chemically treated hair. In our research centre we have 11 different labs and one of them is a dermatology lab where we test raw materials on the skin and scalp first to make sure they don’ t have a detrimental effect.  We  can confidently say that the materials we’ve used in the products provide good moisture for the hair and scalp. We’ve also put conditioners in the products to ensure that hair is easier to comb and detangle. We’ve used fantastic natural ingredients such as Amla extract, keratin, Argan oil, avocado oil and buriti oil, making the range ideal for the health conscious consumer who is looking for an effective product range.


 Texture Release


 The next release is our Texture Release system, which is produced under the Avlon umbrella. Texture Release is a new salon heat-activated system that has no harsh chemicals and allows you to go from curly to straight and vice versa with ease. The technology for Texture Release originated in our Brazilian research centre. Initially we were stuck for ideas on how to produce this product, we didn’t want to go the route of formaldehyde usage to straighten the hair so we kept returning  to the drawing board and continued our research. Eventually we developed a molecule that can penetrate the hair enabling the consumer to do many different things depending on what they're looking for with the help of applied heat via hair-dryers and flat irons. So for example, if customers want to keep their hair natural looking then their stylist can simply apply this product, blow-dry it and rinse the hair and then add  maintenance products. The hair will be a lot easier to comb and detangle.

With Texture Release if you require the straighter look occasionally, the system releases curls  making hair easier to comb and style, and it also provides resistance to humidity and frizzing. Alternatively, if they want a straight look on a constant basis, I would suggest using the same method but increase  the heat with the flat iron to maybe 230 degrees and pass it through the hair a few more times. The hair will be more silkier in texture, lighter and shinier. Texture Release really is a versatile product, giving women the freedom to wear their hair in a variety of looks and textures.