Roaming in Rotterdam


On November the 16th I visited the beautiful city of Rotterdam where I have many good memories, having visited many times in the past.  I was fortunate enough to have breakfast with some wonderful bloggers who are great influencers in our industry. Thank you for the opportunity of meeting you all.

During  breakfast, I gave a presentation on the basic facts about  hair types, including information about hair growth, propensity to damage and the types of products required by those with tightly curled hair. I also got the opportunity to present our new ranges  - Texture Release system and Affirm's Moistur Right and Style Right which were well received.



I was extremely pleased with the amount of hair enthusiasts who attended the event and the thirst for knowledge that they have. 




 Later on in the day,  I hosted a seminar for professional hairstylists where I was supported by our wonderful European educational team.  We gave a more detailed presentation on the forthcoming launches from Avlon as well as live demonstrations with models on what the products can achieve. The turn-out was phenomenal and the feedback was incredible.